Nanotechnology in Agriculture, Water treatment and Food Industry

Nanotechnology has played a vital role in the field of genetic engineering and plant transformations, making it a desirable candidate in the optimization and manipulation of cultivated plantst, most genetic modifications to plants have been done with Agrobacterium and some of utilising tools such as the gene gun (biolistics). Nanotechnology had across the broad range of growth among the range of industries, from agriculture to water treatment to energy storage food processing, packaging and food supplement. In most advanced, cutting-edge area of scientific study and it continues to progress at incredible rates. Nanotechnology practices are being analyzed currently confirmed and in some cases previously applied among the entire scope of water treatment, agriculture to food processing, food technology, food supply and packaging.

  • Nano-fertilizers
  • Nanotechnology in plant transformations
  • Nanomaterials and membrane filtration
  • Metals, bimetallic nanoparticles and mixed oxides
  • Naturally occurring material the case of zeolites

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