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Nanotechnology is the science which deals with the processes that happen at molecular level and of Nano length scale size. Nanotechnology can be particularly applied to the small things and can be used through all the other science fields such as biology, chemistry, material science, engineering, and physics. It is the field of realistic science and technology whose theme is the governor of matter on the atomic and molecular scale usually 100 nanometres or smaller. By using nanotechnology materials can effectively be made lighter, stronger, more reactive, more durable, more sieve-like, or better electrical conductors among many other traits. Everyday used commercial products are currently on the market and in daily use that trusts on Nano scale material processes.


Nanotechnology is a comparatively new branch of science which includes manipulation of properties of matter at Nano scale. The premise of nanotechnology lies in the evidence that the properties of an element or compound can be manipulated easily when it exists in its Nano form. The widespread explanation of nanotechnology indicates to the particular technological objective of precisely manipulating molecules for fabrication and atoms of macro scale products, also now introduced as molecular nanotechnology.

Research of Advanced materials basically centres about endeavours to plan materials at a sub-atomic level to accomplish alluring applications and properties and at a naturally visible level. Nano materials are exceptionally significant these days in the vast majority of the fields, for Medicine, Chemotherapy, Drug conveyance, Manufacturing forms and Paints. It has huge physically and artificially heterogeneous and ultra-fine particles. Specific properties are associated with shape, measure, surface properties and science.

  • Polymer-based nanomaterial
  • Nano ceramics for medical applications
  • Nanostructured Coatings, Surfaces and Membranes


Nanotechnology cancer therapy enhance beyond drug delivery into the formation of new therapeutics only by the use of nanomaterial properties. Although small correlated to cells, nanoparticles are large enough to encapsulate many small molecule compounds, which can be of different types.  Nano technology in cancer treatment involves the possibility of demolishing cancer tumours with lesser damage to human organs, and tissue as well as the elimination and detection of cancer causing cell before they generate tumour. This treatment focus on chemotherapy, which yield a tumour-killing agent known as tumour necrosis factor alpha (TNF)

  • Cancer Microenvironment
  • Chemo Drugs
  • Stealth Nanoparticles and Tumour Penetrating Peptides


The smart drug delivery system is utilized for distributing drugs to the recipient. Biological data detected by biological sensors is investigated and the drug delivery system is stimulated to deliver the drug based information. Technology based drug pumps, micro-pumps, micro-needles, micro-osmotic pumps, and Nano pumps are utilized for smarter drug delivery. Therapeutic systems are to optimize action by transporting drug rendering to a therapeutically rational program that would select expected actions from a range of concentration dependent actions. Nano systems are different functional systems planned at the Nano scale and are comprised of characteristic physicochemical properties with huge visions in the diagnostic applications and therapeutics, ranging from delivery loads to biosensors. Smart Nano systems have the possible to produce personalized therapeutic scheme and diagnostic.

Artificial intelligence is also known as machine intelligence that uses the reproduction of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems which include learning, planning, reasoning, problem solving and self-correction many more. Particular applications of AI include fine systems speech recognition and machine vision as well as digitalization is that the term for the Digital Transformation of society and therefore the economy, where as it is the method of conversion of analogue information into texts, photographs, and voices, among others? The transformation is passed out over electronic devices like scanners and specialized computer chips.

  • Artificial Neural Network
  • Fuzzy Logic Systems
  • Deep Learning


Target drug delivery system is a different form of drug delivery system where the medicament is selectively transported only to its site of action or absorption and not to the non-target organs or tissues or cells. This system takes the active pharmaceutical ingredient to the pre identified target in therapeutic concentration, while limiting its access to non-target usual cellular linings, thus reducing toxic properties and increasing therapeutic index. Targeting of drugs to different cells and tissues of the body deprived of their becoming a part of systemic circulation is a very novel idea. If a drug can be administered in a form such that it reaches the receptor sites in sufficient concentration without distressing in unimportant tissue cells.


Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology deals with emerging advanced technologies for establishing customized solutions for drug delivery systems. The drug delivery system certainly impacts the rate of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of the drug or other related chemical substances in the body. In extension to this the drug delivery system also allows the drug to bind to its target receptor and influence that receptor’s signalling and activity.

  • Chemical science
  • Biological evaluation
  • Toxicological assessment of nanomaterial


Nano medicine pursues to bring a valuable set of research tools and clinically useful devices in the future. Nano medicine is a medical application of nanotechnology. Nano medicine ranges from the medical applications of nanomaterial and biosensors, biological devices and potential upcoming applications of molecular nanotechnology. Nano medicine fights for bringing valued set of study tools & clinically beneficial devices which is more advantageous to the society. Nano biotechnology may be able to generate numerous novel materials and devices with a huge range of applications such as medicine, biomaterials and energy production.


Life sciences contain the parts of science that include the logical investigation of life and life forms for example, microorganisms, plants, and creatures including individuals. This science is one of the two significant parts of characteristic science, the other being actual science, which is worried about non-living issue. Science is the characteristic science that reviews daily routine and experiencing creatures, with the other life sciences its sub-disciplines.

Nano medicine might be a part of drug that applies the information and apparatuses of nanotechnology to the expectation and treatment of sickness. Nano medication includes the use of Nano scale things, as biocompatible nanoparticles and Nano robots, conveyance, for finding, detecting or activation purposes during a living life form. Nano medication is one among the developing innovations and a neighbourhood of nanotechnology discovering applications in medical care.

  • Nano toxicology
  • Diagnostic devices
  • Medical Imaging


Graphene are just a single molecule thick suitable to be utilized as material in a few fields. An allotrope of carbon as an empty circle, ellipsoid tube, and numerous different shapes is called fullerene. Graphene is the essential basic component of numerous different allotropes of carbon for example graphite, precious stone, charcoal, carbon nanotubes and fullerenes. Creation of graphene relies upon its advancement on a fluid metal network. Bilayer graphene shows the strange quantum hall impact and a tunable band hole. Huge uses of graphene are material/gadget applications, including sun oriented cells, light-emanating diodes, contact boards and shrewd windows or telephones. Propelled investigation of fullerenes has been presently actualized in tumour look into.


Nano Robotics is that the innovation of making machines or robots at or on the edge to the size of a nanometre. The word Nano advanced mechanics alludes to the part of nanotechnology that includes designing, planning, and working of Nano robots. These gadgets are regularly infused into the patient to perform analysis on a cell level. Such examination or treatment includes the Nano scale, sub-atomic, or nuclear level. The some of uses for Nano robots in drugs incorporate brisk examination or therapy and focused on drug conveyance for malignancy therapeutics, Nano measured biomedical instrument for medical procedure, pharmacokinetics, illness checking and for different purposes.

  • Swarm Robotics
  • Nano robotics Design and Control
  • Human-Robot Interaction


Tissue engineering which covers the wide range of applications, in practice the term is closely analyzed with applications that repair or replace portions of or whole tissues. Nanofabrication techniques has tissue engineering which involves fabrication of biometric scaffold that improve extracellular micro environment, more accuracy on positioning and viability, complexity, interaction of cells, tissues/organs. It is used easily by nanotechnology and nanophase through micro and nanotechnology such are stem cells, neural cells, cartilage cells, bone cells, vascular cells, and hepatic cells.

  • Etymology
  • Tissue scaffold
  • Cardiac tissue engineering


3D Nanosystems is building the first-ever atomic layer 3D printing Nanofabricator and launches services for micro and nanodevices with previously impossible concepts involved in research, production, engineering and trade in the area of advanced technologies. According to scientific development, high-resolution X-ray computed tomography systems can be developed, permitting the internal picturing of materials in three dimensions. However, in order to achieve structural information one also needs proper three-dimensional analysis software. A Nano system broadcast some significant original work ranging from technologies and systems to product invention and fresh built-up processes with features at the nanoscale.

  • Printed electronics and MEMS (micro-electromechanical system)
  • Diluted magnetic semi-conductors
  • X-ray diffraction


The natural impact of nanotechnology is the possible effects of the businesses of nanotechnological Products and contraptions on the earth Nanotoxicology are the field which considers potential prosperity perils of nanomaterials, of course Nanotechnological things, techniques and applications are needed to contribute in a general sense to regular and environment protection by saving rough materials, essentialness and water and furthermore by decreasing ozone draining substances and unsafe wastes

Green materials are the materials that are close by and sustainable. Neighborhood materials routinely are uncommon to the zone and join something people make inside a spot or locale. Materials from the floor, for example, dirt, sand, and stone are green materials as they are watched underneath. Plant substances that develop quickly are for the most stage inexhaustible

  • Recyclable materials
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Cytotoxicity