Theme: Bridging the future in Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology Congress 2021

Nanotechnology Congress 2021


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Date: November 03, 2021

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ME Conferences is gratified to welcome you to be a part of Nanotechnology Congress 2021 Conference going to be scheduled on November 03rd 2021, Webinar. This Nanotechnology Congress 2021 Conference will focus on the theme “Bridging the future in Nanotechnology” that provides a global platform to discuss about the present and future challenges across Nano toxicology, Nano Pharmaceuticals, Smart Therapeutic Nano systems and Recent Advances in Nanotechnology etc.

Nano Technology Congress 2021 provides you with a unique opportunity to meet up with peers from both academic circle and industries level belonging to Recent Advances in Nanotechnology and have been designed in an interdisciplinary manner with a multitude of tracks to choose from every segment and It explore creative technologies regarding Nano Particles and Nano Technology at the universal scale and aims to accomplish the targeted scientific sessions and recent advancements in the field of Nanoscience and Technology. The goal of this webinar is to deliver an outstanding program for exchange of ideas and authoritative views by leading professionals which covers the entire research related to molecular nanotechnology, Nano medicine, Nano electronics, biomaterials and beyond to confront the most challenging dilemmas in advanced Nano technology- and uncover new solutions.

Why to attend?

Nanotechnology Congress 2021 is the platform where you can conflict experts, authorities and CRO’s from around the world. It’s your time to grab the opportunity to join Nanotechnology Congress 2021 in a group of Speakers, discussion, Delegate, Poster, video proposal, Business Meetings, Networking and extra benefits for our Event Sponsor. The most recent approaches, upgrades, exchanging new ideas and research updates in Artificial Intelligence and Nanomedicine are signs of this webinar. The webinar welcomes representatives from every educational institutes, clinical examination authority and symptomatic organizations to contribute their researches, giving a showcase of the new technologies related to Nanotechnology. It fills the gap between individuals and enterprises committed to advancing impactful innovations

Target Audience

  • Nanotechnologists
  • Pharmacists
  • Nano-Scientists
  • Pharmaceutical Companies and Markets
  • Research Scholar
  • Founders and Employees of the related companies
  • Nanotechnology Associations and Societies
  • Support organizers
  • Educators, Scientists, and Researchers
  • Business Professionals
  • Nanotechnology Engineers
  • Directors of Nanotechnology or related Programs or Associations
  • Heads, Deans and Professors of Nanotechnology department

Track 1: Research on Covid-19 Medicine and Vaccine

Coronavirus disease 2019 is an endemic vascular and respiratory disease which is an on-going pandemic caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) emerged in December 2019. Currently, 19 network members engaged in research and development of COVID-19 vaccines, using six principal technology platforms and it is identified in humans. World Health Organization complies with international moderations and mechanisms to distribute vaccines across borders. The use of actual manufacturing, fill-finish and distribution proficiency can support an efficient roll-out of vaccines against COVID-19. A vaccine for an infectious disease has never before been composed in less than several years, and no vaccine exists for preventing a coronavirus infection in humans.

Track 2: Applications of Nanotechnology in Corona Virus Diagnosis & Treatment

Nanotechnology can be widely defined as design and application of many devices and materials where at least one dimension is less than 100 nanometres and it holds huge potential in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of COVID-19. Nanotechnology could help the fight against COVID-19 through different approaches in the medical field, the application of nanotechnology is called as nanomedicine, Nanotechnology and nanomedicine have excellent potential in dealing with several different health problems which include viruses and could serve as a new avenue for the treatment and disinfection of viruses and also with different nanoparticles have antiviral and antibacterial activities. There is increasing involve regarding the control of coronaviruses. Diagnostics may play a vital role in containing COVID-19 which allowing rapid implementation of control measures that restrict the spread by detecting and isolating cases through contact tracing

Track 3: Nanotechnology & Advanced Materials

Nanotechnology is a comparatively new branch of science which includes manipulation of properties of matter at nanoscale. The premise of nanotechnology lies in the evidence that the properties of an element or compound can be manipulated easily when it exists in its nanoform (diameter of 1-100nm). The widespread explanation of nanotechnology indicates to the particular technological objective of precisely manipulating molecules for fabrication and atoms of macroscale products, also now introduced as molecular nanotechnology

Research of Advanced materials basically centers about endeavors to plan materials at a sub-atomic level to accomplish alluring applications and properties and at a naturally visible level. Nanomaterials are exceptionally significant these days in the vast majority of the fields, for Medicine, Chemotherapy, Drug conveyance, Manufacturing forms and Paints. It has huge physically and artificially heterogeneous and ultra-fine particles. Specific properties are associated with shape, measure, surface properties and science.

  • Polymer-based nanomaterials
  • Nanoceramics for medical applications
  • Nanostructured Coatings, Surfaces and Membranes
  • Thin Films Modeling, Scale Effects, Nanostructured Thin Films
  • Nanoparticles Synthesis and Applications
  • Nanocomposites & Bionanocomposites Materials

Track 4: Emerging Materials

Emerging materials deals with managing the revelation and planning of new materials, their establish the few substances and nanotechnology is an integrative subject of science and designing fusing huge vary of common and man-made materials that relates the properties, structure, combination, characterization, execution and texture handling. Some of the materials like LiTraCon, Silicone etc., have been emerging. The potentiality of a nation to harness nature additionally as its ability to cope up with the challenges posed by its complete understanding of materials and its ability to boost and turn out them for various applications. Advanced Materials are at the most a part of many technological developments that bit our lives.

  • Emerging areas of materials science
  • Solar energy materials & systems
  • Advanced graphene and carbon materials
  • Light-weight energy-efficient structural materials
  • Super Alloy and lithium-ion batteries

Track 5: Nanopolymers, Nanotubes and Nanoporous Materials

Nanopolymers, unlike most composites, cannot dissociate in solutions and contains amino groups as backbone materials which itself, may consists of all composition of carbon, oxygen and nitrogen atoms, depending on the chemical nature of monomers employed for polymer synthesis. A polymer or copolymer material containing scattered nanoparticles is Nano polymer.

Carbon nanotubes are an auxiliary support that approaches are being made utilizing carbon nanotubes to extricate power from daylight and even as a warmth source. Carbon nanotubes are exceptional in that they are thermally conductive along their length yet not over the cylinder itself. It is additionally electrically conductive, which can possibly make an amazingly savvy swap for metal wires.

Nanoporous materials comprise of an ordinary natural and inorganic system supporting a normal, permeable structure. The size of the pores is commonly 100 nanometers or more modest. Most nanoporous materials can be named mass materials or layers. Initiated carbon and zeolites are two instances of mass nanoporous materials, while cell films can be considered as nanoporous layers.

  • Types of carbon nanotubes and related structures
  • Graphenated carbon nanotubes (g-CNTs)
  • Properties of Carbon Nanotubes
  • Chemical modification

Track 6: Nanoscience and Technology

Nanoscience is a development driven at the Nano scale. It is the applications and study related with little things that can be used around the different fields of science, like science, planning, material science, science and Materials sciences. These particles have ability to control single iotas and atoms. Nanotechnology has an immense potential to give innovative clarifications for different issues in science, essentialness, material science, contingent and therapeutic fields.

Track 7: Life Sciences & Nanomedicine

Life sciences contain the parts of science that include the logical investigation of life and life forms for example, microorganisms, plants, and creatures including individuals. This science is one of the two significant parts of characteristic science, the other being actual science, which is worried about non-living issue. Science is the characteristic science that reviews daily routine and experiencing creatures, with the other life sciences its sub-disciplines.

Nanomedicine might be a part of drug that applies the information and apparatuses of nanotechnology to the expectation and treatment of sickness. Nano medication includes the use of nanoscale things, as biocompatible nanoparticles and Nano robots, conveyance, for finding, detecting or activation purposes during a living life form. Nano medication is one among the developing innovations and a neighbourhood of nanotechnology discovering applications in medical care.

Track 8: Environmental and Green Materials

The natural impact of nanotechnology is the possible effects of the businesses of nanotechnological Products and contraptions on the earth Nanotoxicology are the field which considers potential prosperity perils of nanomaterials, of course Nanotechnological things, techniques and applications are needed to contribute in a general sense to regular and environment protection by saving rough materials, essentialness and water and furthermore by decreasing ozone draining substances and unsafe wastes

Green materials are the materials that are close by and sustainable. Neighborhood materials routinely are uncommon to the zone and join something people make inside a spot or locale. Materials from the floor, for example, dirt, sand, and stone are green materials as they are watched underneath. Plant substances that develop quickly are for the most stage inexhaustible

  • Recyclable materials
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Cytotoxicity
  • Nanoparticles
  • Metallic nanoparticles

Track 9: Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology

Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology deals with emerging advanced technologies for establishing customized solutions for drug delivery systems. The drug delivery system certainly impacts the rate of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of the drug or other related chemical substances in the body. In extension to this the drug delivery system also allows the drug to bind to its target receptor and influence that receptor’s signaling and activity.

Track 10: Application of Nanotechnology

Applications of nanotechnology are limited to the bulk use of passive nano-materials which include titanium dioxide and in sunscreen, cosmetics and also food products like silver nano-particles in food packaging, clothing, disinfectants and household appliances. Nanotechnology is developed for variety applications one of industrial purification and environmental cleanup applications that are the desalination of water, wastewater treatment, groundwater treatment, water filtration and other nano-remediation

  • Green nanotechnology
  • Potential applications of carbon nanotubes
  • Nanotechnology in warfare
  • Industrial applications of nanotechnology
  • Fabrication of nanoelectronic devices

Track 11: Smart Therapeutic Nano Systems

Smart nanosystems have the possible to provide personalised therapeutic scheme and diagnostic and smart drug delivery system, Nanopumps are utilized for distributing drugs to the recipient. Therapeutic systems are to build up by transporting medicine rendering to a therapeutically rational program which can may decide expected actions from a selection of concentration-dependent actions. Nanosystems are uncertain functional systems establish are composed of characteristic physicochemical properties with huge visions and at the Nano scale within in the therapeutics, ranging from delivery loads to biosensors and diagnostic applications

  • Smart nanomaterial
  • Cancer nanotechnology
  • Theoretical simulation

Track 12: Artificial Intelligence in Nanotechnology Research

Artificial intelligence (AI) is also known as machine intelligence that uses the reproduction of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems which include learning, planning, reasoning, problem solving and self-correction many more. Particular applications of AI include fine systems speech recognition and machine vision as well as digitalization is that the term for the Digital Transformation of society and therefore the economy, where as it is the method of conversion of analogue information into texts, photographs, and voices, among others. The transformation is passed out over electronic devices like scanners and specialized computer chips.

Track 13: Nano Robotics

Nano Robotics is that the innovation of making machines or robots at or on the edge to the size of a nanometre. The word Nano advanced mechanics alludes to the part of nanotechnology that includes designing, planning, and working of Nano robots. These gadgets are regularly infused into the patient to perform analysis on a cell level. Such examination or treatment includes the Nano scale, sub-atomic, or nuclear level. The some of uses for Nano robots in drugs incorporate brisk examination or therapy and focused on drug conveyance for malignancy therapeutics, Nano measured biomedical instrument for medical procedure, pharmacokinetics, illness checking and for different purposes.

  • Swarm Robotics
  • Nano robotics Design and Control
  • Human-Robot Interaction
  • Industrial Robot Automation
  • Medical Robotics

Track 14: Nanotechnology in Agriculture, Water treatment and Food Industry

Nanotechnology has played a vital role in the field of genetic engineering and plant transformations, making it a desirable candidate in the optimization and manipulation of cultivated plantst, most genetic modifications to plants have been done with Agrobacterium and some of utilising tools such as the gene gun (biolistics). Nanotechnology had across the broad range of growth among the range of industries, from agriculture to water treatment to energy storage food processing, packaging and food supplement. In most advanced, cutting-edge area of scientific study and it continues to progress at incredible rates. Nanotechnology practices are being analyzed currently confirmed and in some cases previously applied among the entire scope of water treatment, agriculture to food processing, food technology, food supply and packaging.

  • Nano-fertilizers
  • Nanotechnology in plant transformations
  • Nanomaterials and membrane filtration
  • Metals, bimetallic nanoparticles and mixed oxides
  • Naturally occurring material the case of zeolites

Track 15: 3D Characterization of Nanosystems

3D Nanosystems is building the first-ever atomic layer 3D printing Nanofabricator and launches services for micro and nanodevices with previously impossible concepts involved in research, production, engineering and trade in the area of advanced technologies. According to scientific development, high-resolution X-ray computed tomography systems can be developed, permitting the internal picturing of materials in three dimensions. However, in order to achieve structural information one also needs proper three-dimensional analysis software. A Nano system broadcast some significant original work ranging from technologies and systems to product invention and fresh built-up processes with features at the nanoscale.

  • Printed electronics and MEMS (micro-electromechanical system)
  • Diluted magnetic semi-conductors
  • X-ray diffraction
  • Ferromagnetism
  • Nanometrology

Track 16: Nanotechnology in Tissue Engineering

Tissue engineering which covers the wide range of applications, in practice the term is closely analyzed with applications that repair or replace portions of or whole tissues. Nanofabrication techniques has tissue engineering which involves fabrication of biometric scaffold that improve extracellular micro environment, more accuracy on positioning and viability, complexity, interaction of cells, tissues/organs. It is used easily by nanotechnology and nanophase through micro and nanotechnology such are stem cells, neural cells, cartilage cells, bone cells, vascular cells, and hepatic cells.

Track 17: Medical Nanotechnology in Cancer Therapy

Nanotechnology cancer therapy enhance beyond drug delivery into the formation of new therapeutics only by the use of nanomaterial properties. Although small correlated to cells, nanoparticles are large enough to encapsulate many small molecule compounds, which can be of different types.  Nano technology in cancer treatment involves the possibility of demolishing cancer tumors with lesser damage to human organs, and tissue as well as the elimination and detection of cancer causing cell before they generate tumor. This treatment focus on chemotherapy, which yield a tumor-killing agent known as tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF)

  • Cancer Microenvironment
  • Chemo Drugs
  • Stealth Nanoparticles and Tumor Penetrating Peptides
  • Vector/Host Interaction
  • Imaging and Theranostics

Track 18: Nanotechnology in Space

Nanotechnology will play a vital role in future space missions and also hold the key to make spaceflight more practical. Improvement in nanomaterials makes lightweight solar sails and a cable for the space elevator possible. By automatically it reduces the amount of rocket fuel required, these advances could lower the cost of reaching orbit and traveling in space. In addition, new materials composed with Nanosensors and Nanorobots could advance the performance of spaceships, spacesuits, and the equipment used to explore planets and moons, making nanotechnology an important part of the final frontier.

  • Improvement of Spaceship with Nanotechnology
  • Astrophysics
  • Nanotechnology fueling Rockets
  • Astronaut Health Management

Track 19: Computational Nanotechnology

Computational nanotechnology is a part of nanotechnology concerned with the development and use of computer-based models for understanding, evaluating and predicting the behaviour or properties of systems relevant to nanotechnology. Covers computational methods associated with semiconductor quantum dots and molecular magnetism, as well as modeling of nanoparticles. The part of computational nanomechanics has turned out to be an essentially critical in the development and improvement of nanotechnology, in light of the fact that the length and time sizes of essential nanoscale frameworks and wonder have contracted to the level, where they can be individually tended to, with high-devotion PC recreations and hypothetical demonstrating Software for Modelling of Nano Materials

  • Computational Hub for Nanotechnology
  • Microstructure-based Models and Dislocation Analysis
  • Multiscale Modelling for the Materials Improvement and Design
  • Mechanics of Nano materials

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Conference Date November 03-03, 2021
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