Novarials Corporation, a leading nanotechnology company headquartered in Woburn, MA, has a technical focus on the large scale and cost-effective manufacturing and processing of high-quality and precisely-engineered one-dimensional nanomaterials including ceramic nanowires, semiconductive nanowires, metallic nanowires, biocompatible and biodegradable nanowires, ceramic nanotubes, magnetic nanotubes and nanorings, ceramic nanosheets, semiconductive nanosheets etc. Using these unprecedented nanowires as basic building blocks, Novarials has developed three revolutionary platform technologies --- Bendable Ceramic Paper Membranes, Flexible Ceramic Hollow Fiber Membranes, and Ceramic Nanowire Battery Separators. These ceramic membranes, made of pure ceramic materials but still bendable/flexible, have significant commercial potentials in dozens of industries. Especially, our ceramic nanowire battery separators offer lithium-ion battery extremely high safety (nail penetration), much longer cycle
life, as well as a high charge/discharge rate.